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Extraordinary Wealth is here to support 50,000 women in feeling empowered to create the rich life of their dreams filled with abundance in all forms while living free of abusive personal or professional relationships for the sake of financial security.

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Question 1 of 8

Are you familiar with Rebecca Wiener McGregor and her Courses + Communities? 


Yes, I have known and followed Rebecca for years


I've just been introduced to Rebecca from a friend and I am in alignment with her beliefs


I am new to this community and I am excited to learn more from Rebecca


I've never heard of Rebecca, but I am excited about the income earning potential of this partnership

Question 2 of 8

Have you ever participated in any of Rebecca's courses, communities, or listened to her on any podcasts? If so, please share below where and how you have interacted with her. 

Question 3 of 8

Are you currently an affiliate for any other products or services? If yes, please share what some of those partnerships look like and the success you have had as an affiliate. 

Question 4 of 8

Which of the affiliate opportunities are you most interested in? 

(Select all that apply)

Invest the $999 in Extraordinary Wealth


Bring 2 friends along who will purchase Extraordinary Wealth at 10% OFF so that I obtain EW for FREE


I'm not sure yet which option will work best for me

Question 5 of 8

Once you are familiar with Extraordinary Wealth and have started the course yourself, how do you intend to promote EW to your friends and followers? 

Question 6 of 8

What are your social handles? Please list any platform you intend on using for promoting EW, as well as your number of followers. (ie: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest)

Question 7 of 8

What motivates you the most when it comes to incentives? 

(Select all that apply)

High commissions


Cash bonuses


FREE products or special training


Gift cards to my favorite restaurants and stores


Electronics - iPads, laptops, tablets, gaming systems


Travel - hotel or airline perks and gifts


Recognition in front of my peers - public posts of adoration and gratitude

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What is your paypal email we can use to pay out your commissions? 

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